Product Of The Month - Ultimate Beauty Sponge Collection

The famous beauty blender, the makeup sponge vs the foundation brush – which one do you use?

Personally, for me, it’s not a question of ‘this OR that’. To me the makeup sponge isn’t an alternative to the foundation brush, but instead a new step to your makeup routine. It has got to be one of the most versatile makeup applicators on the market. I fell in love with it when I purchased my first Real Techniques sponge years ago.

avant beauty sponges

However, as a keen makeup lover, the more I practised and perfected my makeup routine, the more I started to analyse the makeup sponge. I fell out of love with the Real Techniques sponge quickly and tried various other brands, from the Beauty Blender to BY Terry, to NYX – all providing me with a full coverage, ‘night out’ glam, but not the sheer, flawless, weightless everyday glam I was aiming for.

Along the way I must have spent nearly £100 on sponges, which to me is madness. Each sponge ranging from £8-£20 per sponge. If you were lucky you got two for that price, but for something that you have to replenish every 3-6 months, I found it to be a pricey investment.

avant beauty sponge collection

So in 2020, during a global pandemic and not much else to do, I took to the internet to research how to manufacture my very own makeup sponge. After months of staying up late, looking into production and sampling prototypes, I ended up with a six-piece Makeup Sponge Collection, including a gold stand to showcase and air dry your beloved sponge, all for under £20! Bargain, right?

beauty blender avant beauty sponges

I am super happy with the end product and hope you all love them as much as I do! The feedback I’ve had so far has been amazing, so I have every confidence you will. 🥰

avant beauty sponges review

Here’s a little breakdown of what’s inside the Avant Beauty Makeup Sponge Collection 🤩

The Velvet One – This velvet microfibre sponge is a GAME CHANGER, your translucent setting powder will glide right on! Can be used just like a brush by swiping it across the skin.

The Super Soft One – this sponge has been designed with extra larger pores on the outer surface. It feels much softer to touch and less dense, giving you that flawless, sheer coverage.

The Traditional One – This is your original makeup sponge. A denser sponge for a full coverage look.

The Mini Ones – Two mini sponges, for those hard-to-reach creases. A one-cut sponge and a full tear drop, to use as you wish.

All of these sponges can be used for different products. You can use them for foundation, concealer, contour, blusher, bronzer, setting powder, eye shadow … you name it, you can apply it with a makeup sponge!

Above is my guide to how they work best, but essentially its personal choice, have fun with them!

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